Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Top Ten: 1995

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God's Comedy [João César Monteiro, 1995]:

Casino [Martin Scorsese, 1995]:

The Flower of My Secret [Pedro Almodóvar, 1995]:

The Neon Bible [Terence Davies, 1995]:

Nixon [Oliver Stone, 1995]:

Ulysses' Gaze [Theodoros Angelopoulos, 1995]:

Salaam Cinema [Mohsen Makhmalbaf, 1995]:

Whisper of the Heart [Yoshifumi Kondô, 1995]:

The White Balloon [Jafar Panahi, 1995]:

A Close Shave [Nick Park, 1995]:

Above, arranged in order of preference, my personal top-ten best films of the year (from what I've seen), accurate at the time of writing.